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The QVC Sprouts program gives inventors with retail-ready product the opportunity to be selected and placed on the QVC website along with other contestant products for a period of two weeks. Winning products are sold on the QVC website.
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Submission Criteria

The product you submit should…

  • Solve a real problem
  • Be highly demonstrable
  • Appeal to the masses
  • Ideally have a finished sample
  • Have images or video
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About QVC Sprouts

The QVC Sprouts program was created by QVC and designed specifically for inventors with the help of the United Inventors Association (UIA). For more than 29 years, QVC has been digging around for those seeds of inspiration from inventors, innovators and big thinkers. QVC Sprouts offers aid, assistance and accessibility to inventors and entrepreneurs with innovative product ideas to help them grow and nurture their ideas with less of an overall risk.

How QVC Sprouts Works

The QVC Sprouts program gives an inventor with a retail ready product the opportunity to be selected and placed on the QVC website along with other contestant products for a period of two weeks. During this time QVC customers will be given the opportunity to vote on those products they would most like to see sold on QVC. This two weeks voting period allows both the inventor and QVC the opportunity to judge consumer interest in the product.

At the conclusion of the two week voting period, the inventor whose product receives the most consumer votes will be offered the opportunity to sell the product on the QVC website. The process will be repeated every two weeks, with QVC putting new products up for a vote and producing one winner to be featured and promoted across QVC's many customer touch-points.

The goal is to grow these QVC Sprouts over time up to and including sales presentations on QVC TV.


How many products may I submit?

You are free to submit as many product ideas as you like. However, remember that ideal products for QVC Sprouts should meet the criteria listed above.

If my product is selected, how will I be contacted?

A QVC Sprouts representative will review each idea for consideration. If QVC Sprouts is interested in your invention, you will be contacted directly via phone or email. We will also notify you via email if QVC Sprouts is not interested in your submission at this time.

Where can I find more inventor resources?

The United Inventors Association, which helped design the QVC Sprouts program, offers free inventor resources on their website at

United Inventors Association